Margery McDuffie Whatley



Mozart to Gershwin

“What a delightful musical whirlwind tour” 

“Whatley … a phenomenally accomplished pianist” 

“a rhapsody in melancholy of such intense beauty one wishes it would never end” 

“not only does the present disc come with the strongest possible recommendation, but the pianist’s imaginatively  varied programming makes both albums [CM20110 & CM20076] a joy to listen to” 

   ~ from Fanfare Magazine 2011 ~

“Although the competition is fierce, she more than manages to hold her own and gives a strong profile to the music.”
“Despite an almost endless list of fine performances, there is always room for yet another if it is of this quality.”
“Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue is a warhorse that has managed to survive practically every permutation, especially in the hands of pianists with imagination and flair.  Whatley has both and manages to swing with the best of them.”

~ from American Record Guide 2011 ~

Margery McDuffie Whatley plays Bach, Haydn, Brahms and Ravel

[Haydn] “Whatley plays the sonata as well as I’ve heard anyone play it.”

[Brahms] “She brings to the music the very thing it needs most yet is the most difficult to achieve, a sense of vulnerability.”

[Ravel] “So effective is Whatley’s conjuring of the music’s waterworks … wonderful and strongly recommended release.”

~ from Fanfare Magazine 2011 ~

Piano Reflections – Encore Favorites

“the sound is excellent… the program as a whole is a most attractive one”

~ from Fanfare Magazine 1998 ~

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